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“Unprecedented national results.”

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WARREN | BENSON LAW GROUP has prosecuted Qui Tam cases in more than 30 states

WARREN | BENSON has handled False Claims Act qui tam cases in more than 30 states, and is widely recognized as the national precedent setting leader for qui tam whistleblower recoveries.

One of the most successful and best qui tam attorney firms in the nation, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars.

Clients, law firms and the national media refer to WARREN | BENSON LAW GROUP for expertise in Qui Tam law.

The firm's qui tam attorneys have some of the greatest trial experience of any whistleblower firm in the nation and were featured in "Champions of the Courtroom" and "Masters in Trial".

WARREN | BENSON False Claims Act results have been repeatedly featured in nationwide media

The firm's cases and results have been featured by 60 Minutes, 20/20, ABC Primetime, NBC Nightly News, MacNeil Lehrer News Hour, U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, and Chicago Tribune, among other news media. In addition, the national media regularly request us to provide expert explanations on False Claims Act and qui tam issues.

A nationwide leader in experience in prosecuting fraud in virtually every type of Government contract or grant

WARREN | BENSON has decades of experience in prosecuting Federal False Crimes Act, State False Claim Act and Whistleblower protection act cases involving:

In The News

Mortgage fraud recovery. In one of the first mortgage fraud cases successfully prosecuted under the False Claims Act, Flagstar Bank FSB has agreed to pay $132.8 million to settle allegations that it improperly approved home mortgage loans for government insurance. Read more.

Drug pricing settlement. General Electric’s health care unit has agreed to pay a $30 million qui tam settlement for a medicare fraud qui tam case brought under the False Claims Act. Read more.

Our expertise is sought by lawyers throughout the country

WARREN | BENSON has been lead or co-counsel in hundreds of qui tam cases nationwide and has represented clients at all levels of the Federal Courts, including the United States Supreme Court.

We prosecute nationally

Although WARREN | BENSON is a California and Los Angeles qui tam firm, our success comes from winning recoveries for our clients throughout the nation.

With a nationwide network of investigators and firms, we bring additional resources to the team as needed

WARREN | BENSON handles government fraud lawsuits across the country and has a network of investigators and law firms ready to assist whenever additional litigation resources are necessary.

We are paid only if your case wins

WARREN | BENSON represents clients on a contingency basis, which means if the case is successful, the firm will share in the client's recovery. If a case is unsuccessful, no fees are charged.

Your confidentiality is paramount

From the first moment you speak with us about your case, we maintain the strictest confidentiality in all communications for your protection and career.

Qui Tam Reward

The qui tam whistleblower reward, a provision under the False Claims Act, dates back to the Civil War. President Lincoln and Congress enacted this law to combat defense procurement fraud schemes by unscrupulous defense contractors.

Since the federal government lacked "insider knowledge" and resources needed to uncover these schemes, Lincoln wanted a law with a reward to encourage insiders to come forward with their private attorneys and disclose and help prosecute the fraud. Because of the ability for private individuals to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the Government and recover damages, the law is referred to as "qui tam" which is a Latin phrase fro the authority to act on behalf of oneself and the government.

The qui tam reward under the False Claims Act ranges 15% to 30% of the amount recovered by the government and depends on the extent to which the whistleblower and the whistleblower's counsel contribute to the prosecution of the case.